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Various pictures taken during the final review.

Sestri Levante. Final review. Affordances demo.

Sestri Levante. Final review. Affordances demonstration.

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Welcome to RobotCub

The RobotCub project has been successfully completed on January 2010 and its legacy is now maintained and available at www.iCub.org

Welcome to the RobotCub website home of the iCub. RobotCub is a 5 years long project funded by the European Commission through Unit E5 "Cognitive Systems, Interaction & Robotics". Our main goal is to study cognition through the implementation of a humanoid robot the size of a 3.5 year old child: the iCub. This is an open project in many different ways: we distribute the platform openly, we develop software open-source, and we are open to including new partners and form collaboration worldwide.

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You can find here up-to-date documentation of the iCub, all source files, community feedback and additional support.

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